• Opportunities for Students & Graduates

    We believe that a new generation of highly skilled specialists is the key to a secure future.

    We are always open for new talents and happy to offer a variety of opportunities for current students and recent graduates.

  • Opportunities for Students and Graduates

    "Don’t be afraid of making mistakes, don’t be afraid of experimenting, and don’t be afraid of hard work.

    If you try, there are two possible outcomes: either you succeed or you don’t. If you do nothing, there’s only ever one outcome. Don’t be afraid! Go ahead! Try! Work! Learn! Look for the right people to help you. And once again — work."

    Eugene Kaspersky

Student relationships is our main focus and priority. We have specialized educational programs, Cybersecurity Certification Program and much more. Besides, we have lots of events all over the world, both on campus — Kaspersky Cyber Days & Faculty days — and on site, Cybersecurity Certification Program and much more.

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The Cybersecurity Leadership Program brings together an international community of talented, proactive students and teachers who are interested in cybersecurity and motivated to save the world by sharing their deep knowledge and skills in a scientific and educational environment.

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Our internship programs and great trainers will share the unbelievable expertise with you. Moreover, you can have a deep dive in information security industry and real projects. We do not focus on theory but let our interns work with top experts in IT security and deal with challenging tasks of the major IT Security vendor.

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