Learning and Development mission

Kaspersky Lab Learning and Development mission: to cultivate a Learning and Development environment for employees enabling them to implement a vision of future cybersecurity through innovative team learning, progressive mental models and systems thinking in all areas.

The driving force of Kaspersky Lab is world-class professionals who research cyber-threats and create leading security technologies. Knowledge and expertise are the core of Lab Formula values, therefore we create global learning environment to share and enhance these values.

An employee and his manager determine development goals through regular dialogues and feedback sessions. After that Global L&D team comes into a play creating a development path with a range of tools and options to enhance employee’s skills and knowledge that are essential for sustainable and successful performance.

Global Learning & Development system comprise five major blocks:

  • Soft Skills — EcoSet and Customized programs
  • Hard skills — External technical courses
  • Language Learning — Face-to-face/ Hybrid/ Online programs
  • Learning Environment Initiatives — Eggucation, All Teach All, Career Night, etc.
  • Talent Management — Development Centers available by nomination

At the same time self-development initiatives are traditionally appreciated within Kaspersky Lab, and the Company offers all the tools intended to cover an employee’s needs. And of course the employee and his on-job training stands in the center of the whole development system. As Aristotle said, "For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them".


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